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Ved, also stylised as VED, is an external level editor for VVVVVV. It is intended to be a more powerful and flexible solution to VVVVVV level creation than the game's built-in level editor. Developed chiefly by Dav999 using the LÖVE framework, an alpha version of the editor was initially released in July 2015, with a stable release being made available by December 2016. Ved is officially available with versions for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Features of Ved include an undo/redo function, more tools for constructing rooms, a map overview screen with the ability to copy and paste rooms, easy creation and editing of scripts using internal commands, an improved script editor with syntax highlighting, and more. Since version 1.8.0 of Ved and version 2.3 of VVVVVV, playtesting levels in the game directly from Ved is also possible.

Development of Ved is active, and since the game's source release, is done in tandem with development of VVVVVV itself.

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