The Warp Zone

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Warp Zone
Number of rooms23
Number of trinkets1
Time trial par time2:00
CrewmateChief Verdigris

The Warp Zone is one of the areas of Dimension VVVVVV. It introduces room warping to the player.


A terminal in 'Edge Games' mentions the Secret Lab, and that it is only accessible via teleporter. Viridian reaches Verdigris. Verdigris asks if Violet is okay, which hints at Verdigris liking Violet. They proceed to the teleporter up ahead.

The only trinket in Warp Zone.

Trinket locations

The lone trinket in the Warp Zone is located in "Edge Games" and can be accessed by wrapping around the sides of the room while dodging the Pac-Man enemies by flipping in between them. This trinket is considered one of the harder trinkets in the game. The Warp Zone, along with the Final Level, are the only two levels that have exactly one trinket.


  • A terminal in 'Sweeney's Maze' mentions that enemies are security measures.
  • The room name "Green Dudes Can't Flip" is a reference to the 1992 movie "White Men Can't Jump". Contrary to popular belief, this room name is unrelated to Verdigris's flipping abilities.