The Tower

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The Tower
Minimap tower.png
Number of rooms4 (by named rooms)
approx. 26 (by size)
Number of trinkets2
Time trial par time1:45
CrewmateOfficer Vermilion

The Tower is one of the areas of Dimension VVVVVV. The main room of the tower is a long vertical auto-scroller that the player must ascend in order to rescue Vermilion.

The Tower contains two trinkets. In Time Trials, the par time for completing The Tower is 1:45.

The first trinket in The Tower.
The second trinket in The Tower.


Captain Viridian makes their way up The Tower and finds Officer Vermilion at the top. They discuss the situation with their damaged ship, and head to the teleporter in the next room.

In other languages

Table of languages:
Language Name Notes
Catalan La Torre -
Dutch De Toren -
Esperanto La Turo -
Japanese タワー
Used in the Nicalis Japanese localisation.
Russian Башня