The Ship

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Interior layout of the ship.

The Ship, more formally known as the D.S.S. Souleye, is the interdimensional vessel operated by Captain Viridian and their crew. It crashes into Dimension VVVVVV due to interference, causing the crew to evacuate and become scattered throughout the dimension. It acts as a hub in VVVVVV's campaign, where saved crew members safely reside.

The ship contains six rooms, each corresponding to a crew member:

  • The blue storage room, where Victoria studies the collectibles Viridian finds on their journey.
  • The green jukebox room, where Verdigris resides, and where the player can listen to the game's soundtrack unlocked by collecting trinkets.
  • The purple navigation room, where Violet informs Viridian on the status of the other crew members.
  • The cyan teleporter room, used by the crew to evacuate the crashing ship, and by Viridian to jump between areas.
  • The yellow room, where Vitellary resides.
  • The red ship entrance, where Vermilion keeps guard.


  • The Ship's name D.S.S. Souleye is named after the composer of the VVVVVV soundtrack, Magnus "Souleye" Pålsson.