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A teleporter touched by the player.

Teleporters in VVVVVV are large, round objects that the player can use in the main game to quickly travel between areas. Only teleporters that the player has already discovered can be accessed. 17 teleporters can be found throughout Dimension VVVVVV: one in the ship, three in Space Station, two in The Laboratory, two in The Warp Zone, one in The Tower, and eight in the overworld.

Teleporters can be spawned in custom levels, but lack proper teleporting functionality, making them mostly useful as mere decorations. In versions prior to 2.3, touching an inactive teleporter spawned in a custom level will overwrite and corrupt the main game's teleporter save. Using the activateteleporter command will visually “activate” the first spawned teleporter in the room, avoiding save data corruption.

Proper teleporter functionality for custom levels is planned to be included by 2.5.

In other languages

Table of languages:
Language Name Notes
Catalan Teletransportador -
Dutch Teleport -
Esperanto Teleportilo -
Italian Teletrasporto -
Japanese テレポーター
Used in the Nicalis Japanese localisation.
Portuguese (Brazil) Teletransportador -
Russian Телепорт