Super Gravitron

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WARNING: The Super-Gravitron is intended for entertainment purposes only. Anyone found using the Super Gravitron for educational purposes may be asked to stand in the naughty corner.
—Secret Lab terminal
Super Gravitron gameplay

The Super Gravitron is a minigame in VVVVVV that can be played after unlocking the Secret Lab. It is an endless, high score-based version of the Gravitron from Intermission 2, with a much higher difficulty. Six different trophies are unlockable by surviving 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 seconds in the Super Gravitron, respectively.

The Super Gravitron is also available on the App Store as a free standalone game for iOS devices.


  • Vermilion can be found near the Super Gravitron entrance warp token, stating that “it's pretty hard” and that he can only last about ten seconds.
  • [2.3 and later: You are not allowed to enter the Super Gravitron with invincibility or slowdown enabled. If you attempt to do so, a message will appear stating "Please disable invincibility and/or slowdown before entering the Super Gravitron."]
  • There's a small “naughty corner” in the Super Gravitron entrance room. When Viridian stands in it, they will temporarily become sad.
  • [2.2 and below: In custom levels, the room coordinates (20,9) (1-indexed) are erroneously set to warp in all directions, as this is where the Super Gravitron is found in the main game map. This could be bypassed by placing a warp line in the room.]