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Spikes as seen in the overworld

Spikes are a basic stationary obstacle in VVVVVV, and the most frequently encountered, being utilised in every stage of the game. Vertical-pointing spikes have a hitbox of 8×4 pixels, while horizontal spikes have a hitbox of 8×2 pixels. Spikes are placed as tiles, with certain tile IDs being treated as either horizontal or vertical spikes depending on the room's tileset. Spikes are one of the elements available in custom level creation.

Spikes are normally treated as non-solid by all entities, but if invincibility mode is on, they will act as solid tiles to the player. In earlier versions, spikes also became impenetrable for platforms and enemies if invincibility was enabled, but this behaviour was changed starting with version 2.4.

In other languages

Language Name Notes
Catalan Punxa -
Dutch Spijker -
Esperanto Pikaĵo -
Italian Punta -
Japanese トゲ
Used in the Nicalis Japanese localisation.
Portuguese (Brazil) Espinho -
Russian Шип