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This article is about the level. For the font of the same name, see Fonts.
Space Station 1
Minimap spacestation1.png
Number of rooms25
Number of trinkets2
Time trial par time1:15
CrewmateDoctor Violet
Space Station 2
Minimap spacestation2.png
Number of rooms48
Number of trinkets5
Time trial par time3:20
CrewmateProfessor Vitellary

The Space Station is one of the areas of Dimension VVVVVV. It is split into two sections, Space Station 1 and Space Station 2, which are treated as their own levels. The former acts as the first level of the game.


After evacuating the ship, Captain Viridian finds themself in the Space Station, worried about the fate of the rest of their crew; however, before long, they hear and respond to a distress signal from Doctor Violet. She expresses relief, and asserts that Viridian should be able to find a teleporter back to the ship, which they eventually manage.

Later, Viridian re-enters the Space Station via the overworld, taking a different path through the station. A terminal in "The Hanged Man, Reversed" mentions the Dimensional Stability Generator, with the writer of the terminal wondering if it's causing the interference affecting their teleporters. However, they presume it's just a glitch. Viridian finds Professor Vitellary, and tells him about the damaged ship. Vitellary is able to immediately figure out what happened and gives a scientific explanation to Viridian, although it seems to go over their head.

Trinket locations

Space Station 1

Two trinkets can be found in the first Space Station area at the start of the game. The first is “It's A Secret To Nobody“, located directly below “Atmospheric Filtering Unit”. This is a relatively easy trinket, only requiring a few short flips to acquire.

The trinket in Trench Warfare.

The second is a bit further on, in “Trench Warfare”, to the right of “Stop and Reflect”. The player must use the moving platform at the top to go over the pits with the hopping enemies. It is also here where Viridian remarks that collecting the “shiny things” may prove useful.

Space Station 2

The second, larger section of the area contains five trinkets. The first can be obtained in “One Way Room” by walking over the underside of the platforms in “The High Road is Low”, to the left.

The second is found in “You Just Keep Coming Back”, by using the platforms in “Gordian Knot” to go into the bottom right corner.

The third can be acquired in “Clarion Call” via the small passage in “Manic Mine”, to the left of the “Swoop” room.

Doing Things The Hard Way.

The fourth trinket of Space Station 2, and by many accounts the hardest of the game, is the “Doing Things the Hard Way” trinket. After passing through the checkpoints in “The Warning”, the player will find themself between two paths going up and down in “Getting Here is Half the Fun”. Going up will continue the level, but the downwards path leads to the challenge, which requires the player to weave left and right through a long vertical passage filled with spikes, both up and down, in order to surmount a single block in the way of collecting the fourth trinket.

The fifth and final trinket of the area is “Prize for the Reckless”. The player must activate the checkpoint in this room, and then avoid the checkpoints in the next three rooms. After that, they will have looped back to the first room, where touching a dissolving platform will allow a moving platform to pass it. At this point the player must intentionally incur a death to respawn at the room's checkpoint, in order to use the moving platform to collect the trinket.

In the Time Trial for the level and No Death Mode, “Prize for the Reckless” is altered to remove the spikes, so that the player does not need to die in order to collect the trinket. The room has a unique alternate name for each of the two modes (“Imagine Spikes There, If You Like” and “I Can't Believe You Got This Far”, respectively).