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The Secret Lab is a secret area in Dimension VVVVVV, unlockable after completing the game once the player has collected all twenty trinkets. When these conditions are met, talking to Victoria on the ship will trigger a short cutscene, after which the player finds themself in the Secret Lab. From here, it will be permanently unlocked as a menu option, even after starting a new game.

In the Secret Lab, the player can view their collected trophies and play the Super Gravitron minigame.


After collecting all twenty trinkets, Victoria gets ready to run some tests on them to see what they're for. However, the trinkets' energy collectively cause an explosion in the storage room, leaving behind a giant Warp Token. Viridian and their crew jump in to see where it leads, finding themselves seemingly trapped in a small room. However, they manage to break through the room's walls after combining into a supercrewmate, “VVVVVV Man” (with Violet admitting afterwards that they could have just teleported back to the ship).

From here, the crew discovers many terminals filled with research from the dimension's previous inhabitants, possibly abandoned due to a lack of time to put their plans into place before the dimension caved in on itself. Vitellary proclaims that the research will be a boon to stabilising the crew's home dimension.