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VVVVVV includes several play modes that allow the player to replay the game, or sections of it, in new ways. The four play modes available include time trials, intermission replay, no death mode, and flip mode. Play modes are unlocked by progressing in the main game, and stay unlocked even after starting a new file. Play modes can also be unlocked manually in the "unlock play modes" menu under Options → Accessibility.

Time Trials

Time Trial result screen

In this mode, the game's main levels can be replayed in a competitive time trial format. There are three criteria that can be satisfied to increase the player's rank upon completing a time trial: completing the level under par time, collecting all trinkets, and not dying. The ranks, from lowest to highest, are B, A, S, and V. A player who collects a V rank on any level is considered to have "mastered" it, and will accordingly receive a trophy in the Secret Lab, as well as an achievement in the Steam version of the game.

Time trials for each of the six levels are unlocked by completing that level in the main game while having a certain number of trinkets.

Level Par time Trinkets Unlock requirement
Space Station 1 1:15 2 Rescue Violet and find 3 trinkets
The Laboratory 2:45 4 Rescue Victoria and find 6 trinkets
The Tower 1:45 2 Rescue Vermilion and find 9 trinkets
Space Station 2 3:20 5 Rescue Vitellary and find 12 trinkets
The Warp Zone 2:00 1 Rescue Verdigris and find 15 trinkets
The Final Level 2:15 1 Complete the game and find 18 trinkets


In this mode, the player can replay either of the two intermission levels with the crewmate of their choice (excluding Violet). These are unlocked by clearing both of the intermissions in the main game.

No Death Mode

In this mode, the player is challenged to complete the entire game without dying once. During these runs, saving is disabled and checkpoints are removed. Cutscene dialogue can be disabled for each No Death Mode run.

Dying will send the player to a Game Over screen, where their overall completion, including crewmates rescued and the last room the player reached, is displayed. Finishing the game in No Death Mode will show a congratulatory screen, reward the player with a "Master of the Universe" trophy in the Secret Lab, and grant an achievement in the Steam release of the game. Collecting trinkets does not have any affect on completion of No Death Mode, and are entirely optional.

No Death Mode is unlocked by attaining S ranks or above in at least four time trials.

Flip Mode

Traffic Jam as seen in Flip Mode; note the room name being displayed on the top.

Unlike other play modes, Flip Mode is not a standalone mode and can be toggled on and off. Turning it on will flip the game vertically; this takes affect through all gameplay modes, including user-made levels.

Flip Mode is unlocked by completing the game at least once, with no other criteria. Completing the entire main game with Flip Mode active (i.e., not enabling or disabling it midway through) will grant another trophy in the Secret Lab, and another achievement in the Steam release of the game.