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In-universe information

Officer Vermilion, or just Vermilion, is the “away-officer” of the D.S.S. Souleye. He is bold and adventurous, and is eager to help Captain Viridian in finding the other crew by exploring the dimension. Vermilion is a red-coloured member of an unnamed humanoid alien species.

In other languages

Table of languages:
Language Name Notes
Catalan Oficial Vermelló Vermelló refers to a dark red colour.
Chinese (Simplified) 维朱利安 尉官
WéiZhūLìĀn WèiGuān
"朱" roughly means "red" or "vermilion" , the translation that makes the pronunciation a bit strange but retains the pun on the name to represent the character's colors
Dutch Officier Vermilion -
Esperanto Oficiro Vermiljo -
Italian Ufficiale Vermilion -
Japanese ヴァーミリオン士官
Vāmirion shikan
Used in the Nicalis Japanese localisation.
Portuguese (Brazil) Policial Vermelhão -
Russian Офицер Вермильон
Ofitser Vermil'on