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This page is a list of sound effects built into VVVVVV. There are 28 implemented sound effects in total.

These IDs are used by the playef internal command.

List of sound effects
ID Filename Description Sound
0 jump.wav Flip
1 jump2.wav Unflip
2 hurt.wav Sad/death
3 souleyeminijingle.wav Trinket collected
4 coin.wav Coin collected
5 save.wav Checkpoint hit
6 crumble.wav 1x1 crumble blocks touched
7 vanish.wav Disappearing platform touched
8 blip.wav Gravity line touched
9 preteleport.wav Flash
10 teleport.wav Teleportation happened
11 crew1.wav Viridian's squeak
12 crew2.wav Verdigris' squeak
13 crew3.wav Victoria's squeak
14 crew4.wav Vitellary's squeak
15 crew5.wav Violet's squeak
16 crew6.wav Vermilion's squeak
17 terminal.wav Terminal touched
18 gamesaved.wav Game saved
19 crashing.wav Alarm
20 blip2.wav Terminal squeak
21 countdown.wav Time trial countdown
22 go.wav Time trial "GO"
23 crash.wav VVVVVV-Man destroying tiles
24 combine.wav VVVVVV-Man combining/uncombining
25 newrecord.wav New Super Gravitron record / trinket collected in time trial
26 trophy.wav Super Gravitron trophy unlocked
27 rescue.wav Custom level crewmate rescued


There is also an obsolete trinket collection sound in the data files, trinket.wav, but it is completely unused and has no ID associated with it. This sound effect was used for collecting trinkets in prototype versions of the game, before eventually being replaced with sound effect #3 in the final version.