List of notable mods and fangames

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This page contains a list of mods or fangames which are notable. If there is a mod or a fangame you would like to see added to this, ask the staff on the VVVVVV Discord server.

Date Name Author(s) Notes
Jan 2020 VVVVVV: Moonfall Spaz48 Unfinished PICO-8 demake/fangame
May 2017 VVOVOV Joshua
Apr 2017 VVVVVV + Laxity Commodore 64 port based on VVVVVV Demo
Oct 2010 VVVVVV Demo Paulko64 Commodore 64 port
Jun 2010 CCCCCCCCCC Whirligig Has a custom level remake here
Feb 2010 YYYYYY Robson
Date Name Author(s) Notes
Jul 2023 VVVVVV: Chaos Edition AllyTally
Jan 2020 cursed_vvvvvv MustardBucket