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This page is the list of music tracks built-in to VVVVVV. There are 16 in total.

If mmmmmm.vvv is present, then there are 32 tracks loaded simultaneously, with the first 16 being the MMMMMM versions of the last 16.

The IDs in the first column are the "internal" IDs of the songs, used in the play internal command. For the music simplified command and the level options menu, the songs received different "simplified" IDs (the second column), leaving out the completion jingles, Pause, ecroF evitisoP, and the Predestined Fate remix (the last one still being accessible through the playremix command). It is also possible to use the internal IDs in the music command if they are outside the range of 0..11 or if a non-numeric character is appended to the end (e.g. music(5a) plays Pause, not Presenting VVVVVV).

Track 15 (Predestined Fate remix) was only added in 2.2. Until then, the music that played in The Final Level was regular Predestined Fate.

List of music tracks
ID M Identifier Name Usage in main game Sample
0 data/music/0levelcomplete.ogg Path Complete Level Complete cutscenes
1 1 data/music/1pushingonwards.ogg Pushing Onwards Space Station 1 & 2
2 2 data/music/2positiveforce.ogg Positive Force The Tower, The Gravitron & The Final Level after destabilization
3 3 data/music/3potentialforanything.ogg Potential for Anything The Laboratory & The Super Gravitron
4 4 data/music/4passionforexploring.ogg Passion for Exploring Overworld
5 data/music/5intermission.ogg Pause Intro cutscene
6 5 data/music/6presentingvvvvvv.ogg Presenting VVVVVV Title screen
7 data/music/7gamecomplete.ogg Plenary Game Complete cutscene
8 6 data/music/8predestinedfate.ogg Predestined Fate Intermission 1 & 2
9 data/music/9positiveforcereversed.ogg ecroF evitisoP / Positive Force reversed The Tower in Flip Mode
10 7 data/music/10popularpotpourri.ogg Popular Potpourri Ending cutscene
11 8 data/music/11pipedream.ogg Pipe Dream Secret Lab
12 9 data/music/12pressurecooker.ogg Pressure Cooker The Warp Zone
13 10 data/music/13pacedenergy.ogg Paced Energy Unused
14 11 data/music/14piercingthesky.ogg Piercing the Sky Unused
15 data/music/predestinedfatefinallevel.ogg Predestined Fate remix The Final Level