Intermission 1

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Intermission 1
Number of rooms14
Number of trinkets0
Time trial par timeNone

Intermission 1 is one of the areas outside of Dimension VVVVVV. After rescuing their third crewmate and using the end teleporter, Captain Viridian and the crewmate end up here instead of The Ship due to interference. Here, the player must guide their fellow crewmate to the end of the area safely. The level's dialogue varies depending on who the player brings with them.

Intermission 1 with Victoria

After the two find themselves in an unknown area, Victoria immediately breaks down and voices her distress to Viridian, who tells her everything will be alright. As they both make their way through Intermission 1, Victoria continues to worry about whether or not they'll find a teleporter to get them back to the ship. This causes Viridian to worry as well. Once they reach the teleporter at the end, they're both relieved, and they teleport back to the ship.

Intermission 1 with Vermilion

Viridian is at first confused, but Vermilion keeps a positive attitude and is excited to explore the new area. He and Viridian discuss what happened with the teleporter going haywire, and what they think is causing the interference that plagues Dimension VVVVVV. Eventually, they find a teleporter, and are able to make it back to the ship safely.

Intermission 1 with Verdigris

Verdigris and Viridian are both confused, but they remain calm and decide to look for another teleporter. While passing through a hallway, Verdigris asks if Violet is safe. Viridian answers yes, and explains that Violet helped them get back to the ship when they were lost in the space station. After a brief silence, Verdigris confesses that he likes Violet, but asks the Captain not to tell her about it. Later on, he asks if Viridian has any advice about Violet. Not knowing what to say, they answer with a rather cliché "be yourself!". The two eventually find a teleporter, and make it back to the ship.

Intermission 1 with Vitellary

Vitellary and Viridian at the teleporter.

Despite the duo's immediate confusion, Vitellary is able to figure out quite quickly what went wrong with the teleporter. He suspects that something caused their teleporter transmission to be deflected, resulting in them landing somewhere new. The two begin looking for a new teleporter to get them back to the ship. As they head further into Intermission 1, Vitellary hypothesizes that the dimension they're in might have something to do with the interference that caused them to crash. When the two of them converge in “Now Stay Close To Me...”, Vitellary passes by a checkpoint, and asks Viridian about it, wondering if they can take one back to the ship to do research on. Viridian however, says that they shouldn't acknowledge it, and should just continue on ahead. Vitellary continues hypothesizing about the dimension they're in, and wonders if it was artificially created for scientific purposes. They eventually reach a teleporter, and head back to the ship with it.