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Fonts are special graphics in VVVVVV used to display text in the game. The default font used in VVVVVV for Latin, Cyrillic and Greek text is based on the font from Commodore BASIC v2.0 (that of the Commodore 64). Custom levels can also utilise their own customised font graphics.

History of the C64-style font

The font originally used in pre-2.4 versions of the game seems to have been based on a free Commodore 64 font recreation, known simply as “Commodore 64”, by Devin Cook. The version used in VVVVVV substitutes the glyphs {|}~ for öäÁå to display the names of Magnus Pålsson and some patrons correctly, as these early versions of the game did not support Unicode.

Starting in 2.4, the game has used the font “Space Station”, which was originally created by Reese Rivers for the unofficial Ved level editor. This font is based on that of VVVVVV, while including more international characters and tweaking the lowercase “j”. The öäÁå glyphs are still present at their original substituted positions for backwards compatibility.

The Android version of the game uses Adore64 by Freaky Fonts. This version of the font does not include the substituted accents, so some patrons' names are rendered incorrectly (e.g. "Andreas J{rgensen" instead of "Andreas Jörgensen"). Magnus Pålsson's name, however, has been changed to read "Magnus Palsson" in both the credits and (also in the iOS version) his custom levels' descriptions.

Extended font functionality and other fonts

Since 2.4, VVVVVV has extended support for fonts, allowing for font sizes different than 8×8 pixels, as well as supporting coloured glyphs (such as button icons). This functionality was implemented by Dav999.