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In-universe information

Doctor Violet, or just Violet, is the medical doctor of the D.S.S. Souleye. She acts as a caretaker to the crew, and often gives Viridian status updates during their search for the other crewmates. Violet is a purple-coloured member of an unnamed humanoid alien species.

In other languages

Table of languages:
Language Name Notes
Catalan Doctora Violeta -
Chinese (Simplified) 维紫莱 博士
WéiZǐLái BóShì
"紫" roughly means "purple" , the translation that makes the pronunciation a bit strange but retains the pun on the name to represent the character's colors
Dutch Doctor Violet -
Esperanto Doktoro Violeto -
Italian Dottoressa Violet -
Japanese ヴァイオレット医師
Vaioretto ishi
Used in the Nicalis Japanese localisation.
Portuguese (Brazil) Doutora Violeta -
Russian Доктор Виолетта
Doktor Violetta