Chief Verdigris

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In-universe information

Chief Verdigris, or just Verdigris, is the lead engineer of the D.S.S. Souleye. He's a romantic, and has a crush on Doctor Violet, which she reciprocates. Verdigris is a green-coloured member of an unnamed humanoid alien species.

In other languages

Language Name Notes
Catalan Enginyer en cap Verdet Verdet roughly means “verdigris” or “greeny” (diminuitive of “green”).
Dutch Meester Verdigris -
Esperanto Ĉefo Verdigriso -
Italian Capo Verdigris -
Japanese ヴァーディグリス機関長
Vādigurisu kikan-chō
Used in the Nicalis Japanese localisation.
Portuguese (Brazil) Chefe Verdete -
Russian Старший инженер Вердигри
Starshiy inzhener Verdigri