VVVVVV: Community Edition — Status

VVVVVV: Community Edition is no longer being worked on, supported, or maintained.

The last time it was worked on was August of 2020. There are still some bugs with it, along with some unfinished features. It has fallen behind on updates from upstream vanilla VVVVVV 2.3; in fact, it was already well behind on updates from upstream in August.


The three main developers were Misa, Leo, and Ally. Each developer has their own reasons for not wanting to work on the project anymore. Merging commits from upstream was a time-consuming and frustrating task, with how much the codebase of VCE diverged from upstream creating many, many merge conflicts. Also, we were mainly focusing on adding new features and opening up new possibilities for level-making, instead of actually making level-making easier.

What do I use instead?

You should probably just use vanilla 2.3 instead. If you need a build of VVVVVV 2.3, see:

But what if I want VCE to continue?

Your only option is to fork the codebase and get to work. But be warned - you're looking at merging several months' work of upstream into a codebase widely diverged from upstream, with headache-inducing merge conflicts. For the time being, no one else seems to have wanted to pick up where VCE left off.

Can't you just start from scratch / make a fork of VVVVVV with the features I want / merge VCE features upstream?

Probably not. VCE's intention of removing all VVVVVV limitations is simply not an intention that many people have. We don't want to encourage any levels made with a non-vanilla game, either. As for merging features upstream, 2.3 is currently in a feature freeze until it gets released, not to mention that not all VCE features would be accepted.