VVVVVV: Community Edition

VVVVVV: Community Edition is no longer being worked on, supported, or maintained. For more information, see this page.

Well, what is it?

VVVVVV: Community Edition is a source code fork of VVVVVV that began shortly after the game's source released. It exists to add more features to player levels, making things that were impossible or hard to do in vanilla VVVVVV possible. The downloads instructions are here!

(Hey, this page is a work in progress! If it looks a little bare-bones right now, that's because it's unfinished! This will be a complete features page in the future.)

What features does it have?

A full list of features can be found here. Here are the highlights:


Flip Tokens (Shift + 1)

The flip token tool is a tool that places an unused vanilla VVVVVV entity. In VCE, we gave it a custom sprite (and animation!) and made it respawn after the player dies.

Coins (Shift + 2)

Coins were a collectible in the VVVVVV prototype that were removed in the main game. You can use the coin tool to place them! When there's coins in the level, the coin display in the roomname from the prototype appears, so the player will always be able to know how many coins they have! Plus, when you collect all coins in the level, the color of the collected coin amount changes to yellow. You can hide or show this coin counter using showcoincounter() and hidecoincounter().
Upcoming in 1.0-pre2 >> Large coins are here! You can place down different sizes of coins which give you different amounts of coins! The 10 coin and 20 coin are both 2x2, while the 50 and 100 coins are 3x3! You can place down these coin variants by holding down Z, X, C or V while placing them down! Coins have had a lot of work done on them in this fork, haven't they? Who knows, maybe we'll get red coins in the future...

Teleporters (Shift + 3)

Teleporters work almost exactly like they do in the main game! You can place them in a room and teleport between them, as long as you've visited the room with the teleporter you want to teleport to before. You can only have one teleporter per room! You can place as many as you wish, but when you teleport to the room, you teleport to the first one placed. Nothing else happens, so if you want to place down multiple teleporters in the room for aesthetic reasons, go ahead! Teleporters now do custom level quicksaves instead of main game telesaves when you're in custom levels, unless you're in playtesting mode! Then, the game doesn't save at all. Also, a small change to the editor was made where you can now activate teleporters in playtesting mode instead of it kicking you out of playtesting mode.

Modified tools:

Activity Zones (Y + Z)

You can now place activity zones in the editor! When you place them down, you then have to input the activity zone text, the color and the script! The text is whatever you want to show up at the top when you're in the zone! An example would be "Press ENTER to talk to Vermilion". The color can be cyan, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, red and orange. If you want the activity zone to use it's own custom color, you have to create it through a command, which would be customactivityzone(x,y,w,h,r,g,b,script). If you just want to create the activity zone with a normal color but still through commands, you can use customactivityzone(x,y,w,h,color,script).

One-Time Script Box (Y + X)

This is a special type of script box that only activates once! You can leave the room and reload the level all you want, but these script boxes will only activate once!

New Tool Sizes (C, V)

To make going between VVVVVV: Community Edition and Ved easier, there are now two new tool sizes, taken from Ved! They're the 7x7 and 9x9 tools which work like you'd expect them to. The wide and tall tools don't exist (yet), nor the fill bucket tool, so you still have to use Ved to use those.
Upcoming in 1.0-pre2 >> You can now use the H and B tool sizes which span an entire room width/height! These are also taken from Ved, so moving between the two editors should be even better!

Flipped Terminals (T + Click)

This is a pretty small but cool feature: you can now place terminals upside-down! Well, they look like they're upside-down, but they work the exact same as any other terminal. You flip a terminal like you flip a checkpoint—by clicking on it!

Enemy/Platform Speeds (8 / 9 + CTRL + < / >)

By using CTRL + < or >, you can control the speed of specific enemies and platforms! For more technical users: if you're wondering how this works with platv, the number displayed in the editor has platv added to it, so technically the default speed in the editor is 0, where platv is added to it. If you're wondering how enemies work with this system, enemyv was added and works the same as platv!

More Enemy Types (F3)

More enemy types have been added! All of the new enemies are enemies from the main game, which includes some enemies which are larger than 2x2! Like always, you can cycle through these enemies using F3.

How can I download this?

Currently, the only public version of VCE is 1.0-pre1, the first prerelease for version 1.0. This was released for a contest on the VVVVVV discord server. You can download it here. You can also play it in your browser here. This is currently experimental.