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Ved now allows easy level packaging!

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Ved 1.11.0 was released, which makes it easier to package levels correctly for VSIX.

The most common problem we see when new levels are uploaded to VSIX is that the .zip is packaged incorrectly. For example, the level and/or assets are inside a folder inside the zip.

Since VVVVVV 2.3, the game can read zip files directly from the levels folder, without having to extract them. The problem is, the game expects the zip to be in a very specific layout, otherwise it won't work! Or the level will load, but without any of the customized graphics or sounds. That goes for any zip that doesn't follow this exact format:

zip file with with the level and assets at root, including graphics and sounds folders, and a vvvvvvmusic.vvv

That's why the latest version of Ved can now create zip files for you!

To do so, simply press the save button or the S key (not Ctrl+S), and tick Create ZIP of this version for sharing:

Ved's level save dialog with "Create ZIP of this version for sharing" ticked

Then you can name your zip file and decide where to save it:

Ved's saving dialog for the zip file

And you're done! This package should just work directly in VVVVVV, and can safely be uploaded to VSIX. Enjoy!