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Welcome to VSIX!

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After a long development cycle, and a lot of hard work, VSIX's massive rewrite is finally here!

Technically, this is the second rewrite, because the first one got completed... and then I decided it wasn't good enough so I rewrote it. Well, anyway, with that out of the way, let's get into the new features!

New, cleaner UI

The new UI is much cleaner and more responsive than the old one. It also has a new, more modern look. Written in Next.js instead of PHP, the site is much faster and more responsive by leveraging the power of React and the modern web. This also means that the site is now way more maintainable, which is good since the entire website was written by pretty much one person. (That being me!)

What does this mean for users? Well, as stated, the website should be much faster and more responsive, and it should also be easier to use. Sadly, it also means users with JavaScript disabled will no longer be able to use the website. Sorry, NoScript users! Hopefully you're already used to sites not working.

Accessibility is also a lot better on this website! It's not perfect, I'm sure I missed things all over the place, but hopefully it isn't too bad. If you use accessibility features and find something that doesn't work, please let me know!

Levels repository

Okay, I know the old website had a levels repository, but it was really bad, and also just a complete failure that nobody even knew about, or used. So, let's pretend the old level repository never existed.

Level uploading is here! You can upload your own levels, and they'll be up for the world to see! (Unless you set them to private, of course.) Complete with a thumbnail, banner, and description (with markdown!), you can make your level pages look however you want! Oh, right, there's a page for every level! You can view levels, download them, heart them, comment on them, download older versions of them, and more. Uploading multiple versions of a level is also supported, and recommended, so you can keep track of your level's history.

Don't have a thumbnail? No problem! When you upload a level, it'll automatically generate a thumbnail of the start room for you! (It doesn't include entities, though, so if you want to show those off, you'll have to make your own thumbnail.) Uploading your level also auto-fills some fields, like title, summary, map size, trinket count, crewmate count, and more!

There's a tagging system, too, to make searching for a specific type of level easier. You can also search for levels by title, author, or description.

Did multiple people work on your level? Well, you can specify multiple authors, and they'll all be credited! There's even an optional field for the name of your team!

Once you upload your level, it has to be verified by a staff member before it's visible to the public. The level page will be visible to you, however, so you can edit and modify it as much as you need. Not sure why your level hasn't been verified? Ask a staff member, and they'll be able to tell you why if they haven't already reached out to you.


The old website also had a very, very barebones authentication system, but it was so bad that I didn't even bother to migrate it to the new website. If you were one of three people (one of them being me) who had an account on the old levels repository, well, sorry, but you'll have to make a new account. With the new system, you can:

  • Set a display name
  • Change your username to whatever you want
  • Set a profile picture
  • Set a banner
  • Set a bio (with markdown supported!)

And there's more to come! There's even a neat little level list on the right side of your profile page, which shows all of the levels you've uploaded!

Future features

Our todo list is big, with many awesome features planned for the future.

  • Lists of levels
  • A difficulty rating system for levels
  • Screenshots tab for levels (don't worry, you can put images in your level description!)
  • A way to download and launch levels automatically, without having to manually download them

And more! We don't want to spoil too much, so you'll just have to wait and see what we have in store for you!

Wrapping Up

All in all, this new website is a huge improvement over the old one, and we hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions or bug reports, feel free to share in the Discord server!

We can't wait to see your levels!